Women Are Turned On By The Eiffel Tower, Men By The White House

Fun with data about sexual fantasies! A new survey found that 33 percent of American women have had a sexual fantasy which took place at the Eiffel Tower. Can you blame them? It’s a sexy structure. Fun fact: Some woman was so taken with the the Eiffel Tower that she married it. Her name is Erika La Tour Eiffel. She consummated her marriage by straddling the tower naked. So hands off, ladies.  

Anyhow, the women fantasizing about Eiffel hookups must never have visited the tower in person. Yes, it’s a sexy structure, but it looks like a really uncomfortable place to do anything at all. But the Champ de Mars park below … let’s just say I had a very fun makeout sesh with an attractive Frenchman there. Speaking of men, the survey also found that men were having location-based fantasies. But they didn’t have Paris on the brain.  About 30 percent of men revealed that they would really like to get it on at the White House. Probably just so you can call them Commander In Chief. I personally think the Washington Monument is way sexier, but to each his own. [Newslite TV]