Today’s Lady News: Mama’s Day Cards For Every Mother

  • We’re loving this Mama’s Day e-card from the group Strong Families, which seeks to be inclusive of all families and all mothers in all forms. You can check out all the other gorgeous Mama’s Day e-cards here. [Strong Families via Feministing
  • Rep. Bob Dold, a Republican in Illinois, has introduced a bill today called the Protecting Women’s Access to Health Care Act. The bill would prevent lawmakers from blocking family planning funds to Planned Parenthood simply because PP provides abortions. Recently, defunding PP has been a new tactic of anti-abortion lawmakers. [Huffington Post]
  • Colorado’s House Speaker said legislation to allow civil unions won’t get a vote, as the bill will die along several other bills. [New York Times]
  • Women protestors in Egypt continue to accuse the military of sexually assaulting women who participated in protests. [USA Today]
  • A Moroccan man in Australia, who is Muslim, allegedly physically attacked his wife’s sister and called her a “slut” because his wife has “slightly sunburned shoulders,” meaning she may have gone without a veiled covering. Ismail Belghar allegedly slapped his sister-in-law across the face and dangled her over a parking lot railing when he learned his wife had been to a beach without his permission. [Daily Mail UK
  • A Christian group tried to “save” Thai sex workers and the results were unexpectedly creepy. [Feministe]
  • Planned Parenthood Toronto has launched a new text messaging service that allows teens to text peer volunteers to give personalized answers to sexual health questions. [Sacramento Bee]
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