10 Photos That Illustrate Why Jesse Williams Should Play Finnick Odair In “The Hunger Games” Sequels

Did you hear that? That noise? That’s the sound of racist Hunger Games fans losing their racist minds over the rumor that actor Jesse Williams (“Grey’s Anatomy”) is being considered for the role of Finnick Odair, one of the most popular characters in the second and third books in the Suzanne Collins’ trilogy. (And I was just getting used to the quiet following the Rue and Thresh ridiculous racist hullabaloo…) Williams, you see, is half-black. “Um, Finnick is supposed to be Caucasian,” wrote more than a few disgruntled fans of the series on various message boards online. A man of color can’t possibly play the dashing Finnick!

Hell. Yes. He. Can.

Listen, asshole racists who are actually upset about the possible casting, Jesse Williams is actually perfect for the role of insanely handsome Finnick. First of all, Collins’ description of the character is hardly conclusive in regards to his race, but what she does describe — reading comprehension, try it sometime — actually could describe Williams. “Tan/golden skin,” “bronze-colored hair,” and “incredible” sea-green eyes. Hello? See above.

But also, a physical description is hardly the essence of a character and casting directors often ignore those details in favor of casting someone who will, you know, act the part the best. As far as I’m concerned, the man who plays Finnick Odair really only needs to possess the ability to give me a serious girl boner on sight. Click through this slideshow and you’ll see why Jesse Williams more than fits the bill.