Beauty Test Drive: Maybelline Master Precise Eyeliner

As much as I love trendy makeup looks like gold smoky eyes and sparkly teal eye shadow, my all-time favorite will always be winged black eyeliner. It’s sexy, it’s dramatic, and my commitment to perfecting it means I’m always on the hunt for new eyeliners that are affordable, flattering, and easy to apply. I’ve tried everything–gels, liquids, creamy kohl pencils–and I’ve recently discovered a new favorite, the Maybelline Master Precise eyeliner pen. Why do I love it? Let me count the ways …

Price/Availability: $8, Drugstores and beauty retailers such as Ulta.

Packaging: Master Precise eyeliner is packaged just like a felt tip marker with an extra long tip. This means it’s just as easy to use as a felt tip pen. No, really, it is! You don’t have to dip a brush or wrestle with a thick pencil. It claims to never dry out and never drip, and in the few weeks I’ve had mine, both of these things have proven true.

How To Use It: Just hold it exactly like you would a marker or a pen and slowly trace along your lashline. The liner comes out in a smooth, fine line so you can build it up to your desired thickness and easily extend it past your lashes  for a retro cat eye look. If you’re new to the world of liquid liners, you can draw a few dots along the lash line and then connect them, but Master Precise eyeliner is so easy to use, I’m convinced that even beginners will get the hang of it in no time.

Wear Time: Master Precise definitely has staying power. The color fades a teeny tiny bit by the end of the day, but one touch up in the evening would be all you’d ever need.

Overall: I’m obsessed with Master Precise for its affordable price, its ease of use, and its surprising versatility: so far I’ve used this liner to create dramatic cat eye looks for night time, and as a subtle liner for daily wear. It is equally effective at both. Pair with red lipstick, and you’ll be channeling Sophia Loren in no time!

Rating: 5/5.