What Always Makes You Laugh?

We’ve all got our go-to thing that always makes us crack up. Just thinking about it makes you giggle a little bit. For Amelia, for example, it’s this weird poster of “The Breakfast Club” with Walt Jr. from “Breaking Bad”‘s face superimposed over all the main characters. For you, it might be kittens rolling off the bed, or the “I’m so excited” episode of “Saved By the Bell.” Whatever it is, we’d love it if you’d share with us your go-to funny thing in the comments. It’s Monday after all, so we could all use a laugh. And in the meantime, check out the rest of ours, after the jump.


I will never not laugh at the Kool Aid Man busting through a wall saying his signature catchphrase, “OH YEAH.”


Both Ami and I are obsessed with this completely random and bizarre music video for Shithead (prounounced shih-teed). We have favorite lines that we say to each other when we’re having bad days. It’s beyond.


Jessica loves all things Pauly D., and really, what’s not to love?


Winona is a girl after my own heart — she finds fainting goats hilarious.

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