10 Random Things Every Mother Knows

It might be maternal instincts, it might be years of parenting experience, it might be magic–we’re not sure how it works, but we’ve noticed that mothers know things that other people don’t. We put our heads together and came up with 10 random things that every mother seems to know. Check out our list, and please add your own pieces of magical mom knowledge in the comments!

1. What to do when you’re sick. Moms spring into action the moment a tummy ache is reported or a fever detected, which is why we’re still not too proud to give our moms a call when we’re feeling crappy.

2. How to tell if you’re actually sick. That being said, they also have the uncanny ability to know if that tummy ache is legit. Whether you’re faking sick to miss a test or faking health to go to a party, moms always know what’s up and will send you to school or bed accordingly.

3. Where all the shoe sales are. Need a new pair of pumps but don’t want to pay full price? Call your mother.

4. How to touch or smell pretty much anything without getting grossed out. Poopy diapers? Slumber party flu outbreak? Dead mouse in the basement? No problem. Mom can handle it.

5. French braiding. We’re still trying to master the ponytail; meanwhile our moms were the original gangstas of french braiding.

6. What’s really bothering you. You can dance around it. You can actively evade it. But your mom will always know exactly what’s troubling you.

7. If you’re up to something. This goes for childhood mischief as well as adolescent rebellion. As sneaky as you think you are, nothing gets past Mom.

8. How to multitask like a freakin’ superhero. Folding laundry while making dinner while conducting a conference call while updating the family calendar while putting a bandage on a scraped elbow? All in a day’s work.

9. When you’re PMSing. Somehow our moms are always more aware of our cycles than we are, and they’re not afraid to point it out.

10. Everything that you do when her back is turned or whisper on the other side of the house. Moms see and hear everything. We used to pretend this was annoying, but we’ve always secretly thought it was pretty cool–just more proof that moms are magical!