Today’s Lady News: More Teens Using “Highly Effective” Birth Control

  • Recently we lamented that teen girls are just not getting pregnant like they used to. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has one theory as to why: more teens are using “highly effective” contraception, such as the Pill or the patch, when they have sex. [New York Times]
  • Over one-third of OBGYNs who work for religiously-affiliated hospitals say they have had a conflict with their employer over providing patient care that did not gel with the institution’s religious tenets — such as contraception and sterilization. Of OBGYN’s working at Catholic hospitals, half of them reported a conflict. [Baltimore Sun
  • American University’s outgoing Student Body President came out as transgender in an op-ed in the student newspaper, in which she asked to be called by her chosen name Sarah and female pronouns (she/her). [Human Rights Campaign, American University’s The Eagle]
  • Why has legislation for the establishment of a National Women’s History Museum stalled? [Huffington Post]
  • Brandy Martell, a transgender woman and activist, was shot and killed in an apparent hate crime in Oakland, California, last weekend. [SFist]
  • Meet 13-year-old entrepreneur Mallory Kievman, whose invented a lollipop cure for hiccups. [The Week]
  • The youngest member of MENSA is a three-year-old girl named Emme, who has an IQ of 135. [New York Daily News]