Need Advice? Ask Our Moms!

We were thinking over here at The Frisky: No one gives better advice than a mom (well, 90 percent of the time). That’s why we’re offering up our moms to give you guidance. They’ve done a good job for us, and we think they can do the same for you. If you need the kind of solid advice that only a mother can give, send your questions to [email protected]. After the jump, meet the experts … we mean our mothers.

Amelia’s mom Cheryl is an English as a Second Language (ESL) instructor and oil painter/multimedia artist. She’s practical, but has an adventurous and idealistic spirit, so when her two kids moved to New York City, she decided to join them. She now lives in Brooklyn with her cat Tulip. When she isn’t standing up for what she believes in, she’s giving her kids the awesome, thoughtful advice to do the same.

Jessica’s mom Jenny is the mother of five and the grandmother of four. She’s a talented artist, knows more about classical music and art history than anyone Jessica knows, and makes a mean vichyssoise. One of her favorite things to do with Jessica is rip apart  lobsters limb from limb and get green guts all over.  

Ami’s mom Mona is the owner of Steps to Success Learning Center, an alternative learning facility specializing in children and teens with dyslexia, attentional issues, and learning challenges. Among her many interests are reading, movies, reality TV (Ami inherited this love), traveling, working with children, doll collecting(both whimsical and antiques), enjoying her family (especially her husband of 41 years, Zac, and her son, Adam), and spending time with friends, old and new!  

Julie’s mom Lori is a NJ licensed professional counselor who has worked as a high school counselor for the past 21 years. She is also a trained NJ Disaster Response Crisis Counselor.  Prior to becoming a counselor, Mrs. Gerstein taught junior high school English, community college developmental writing classes, and GED/ABE classes for adults.  Her outside interests include reading, writing, theatre, and driving her grownup children crazy!

Winona’s mom Norie is a biologist who spent her twenties teaching chimps sign language and tagging whales in Baja. She’s hung out with Jane Goodall, raised four kids, been married 30 years, and currently works in science education. Also she makes really good oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.