Dominique Strauss Kahn Accused Of Gang Rape By Prostitute

What hasn’t Dominique Strauss Kahn been accused of? 

The former chief of the International Monetary Fund —who resigned in shame after he was accused of sexually assaulting a New York City hotel maid in May 2011 — allegedly participated in a gang rape of a prostitute, prosecutors claim. DSK is currently being investigated for his involvement in “The Carlton Affair” — a prostitution ring which worked out of the Carlton Hotel in the city of Lille, France.

One 25-year-old sex worker allegedly employed by DSK told investigators that she was forced into group sex — a gang rape — by DSK and three of his friends at the W Hotel in Washington, D.C., in December 2010. At the time of the alleged incident, DSK was still the president of the IMF.

According to The New York Times, two Belgian prostitutes testified they were paid $2,000 for three days of work being flown from France to meet with DSK in D.C. for “sex parties.” One of the women says she was held down by the wrists and raped by all of them, the Daily Mail claims. The woman said she cried for help and pleaded for the men to stop; the other prostitute said she did not hear her.

Judges on “The Carlton Affiar” have already charged DSK with aggravated pimping (the legal term is “aggravated procurement in an organized gang”) are said to be considering including these new allegations of gang rape against him. 

As for the NYC hotel maid whom he allegedly assaulted, criminal charges were dropped against DSK when the victim was found to be untrustworthy.  He is still facing civil charges for that alleged attack and learned last week he cannot claim diplomatic immunity to weasel out of it because he was not in NYC on official business at the time.  

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