Chris Harrison Splits From Wife, Should Totally Be The Next “Bachelor”

Say it isn’t so! Chris Harrison, “The Bachelor”‘s host and resident wise man, has split from his wife of 18 years, Gwen. As a diehard Bach fan, I’ve always felt affectionately about ol’ Harrison, and have been impressed with his stamina for this whole charade, especially since he clearly knew what it took to make a relationship work. Was I wrong? Remember when Rozlyn Papa, who was booted from Pilot Jake Pavelka’s season because she had some sort of romantic dalliance with a producer, accused Chris of flirting with that producer’s ex-wife? I thought it was total BS at the time … but what if being famous — for seriously delivering the line, “This is the final rose” — has gone to his head? All that being said, I am officially in favor of making Chris Harrison the next “Bachelor.” Why not? He’d be more fun to watch that Ben Flajnik. And he could still host! That’d be funny. [Have U Heard]