Astrology 101: 10 Ways To Live The Taurus Lifestyle

It’s Taurus time! In honor of Winona’s birthday (May 2) and lovely Taureans everywhere, we have put together a list of 10 ways to live the Taurus lifestyle, because let’s be honest: those bulls really know how to live. Check out our tips, after the jump …

1. Always be true to yourself. No matter what’s going on around you, be unwavering in your values and convictions.

2. Honor your body and its needs.

3. Never pass up the opportunity to treat yourself, whether it be with with a delicious dessert, a massage, or a new pair of shoes.

4. Indulge in the finest food and beverages–hey, you only live once!

5. Make relaxing an artform in your life: invest in some luxurious loungewear and take plenty of naps and bubble baths.

6. Take cuddling very seriously and engage in it as often as possible.

7. Adorn yourself in stylish clothes and accessories that feel as amazing as they look.

8. Have a beautiful, welcoming, and cozy home.

9. Whenever you have guests over, make sure they are enjoying the best food and drinks (keep your pantry well-stocked at all times).

10. Be the most loyal friend ever.