5 Reasons This $4000 Vagina Jacket Might Be Worth It

This Givenchy jacket totally looks a vagina (well, to be  more specific, it looks like labia). It also costs $4,145, which seems like an exorbitant price for a vagina jacket, Givenchy or not, but there are actually a few situations that could justify the expense. Here are five of them…

1. Maybe you’re a Patch Adams-style gynecologist who wants to entertain and inform your patients. A vagina jacket would be a hilaaaarious prop!

2. You could totally wear this to a feminist slam poetry convention to make a statement about how women are seen as nothing more than walking, talking sexual organs.

3. If you were going to a vagina-themed costume party and needed a quick costume in a pinch, you could put this jacket on your credit card and return it the next day.

4. If you wanted to train your boyfriend on sexual techniques, this jacket could be an incredibly useful tool: “To better understand the vagina, you first need to become the vagina.”

5. Abstinence-only educators who wanted to freak out a group of high-schoolers could wear this jacket and say, “Here’s what will happen if you have premarital sex,” then slowly unzip and have all kinds of blood and crabs and plagues come pouring out of it. Then sit back and watch the chastity pledges come rolling in!