We Know Neon Nails Are Illegal, But Here’s Why

For those of you who have been up at night, tortured by the fact that neon nail polish is illegal but not knowing why, you’re not alone. After the original article in More left us with more questions than answers, the Daily Mail got on the case to figure out once and for all why truly neon lacquer can’t be produced in the United States.

CND’s chief scientific advisor, Doug Schoon, eased the furrow that didn’t form in the brows of fashionistas everywhere (thank you, botulinum!) by telling the press that while neon colorants are not against the law or harmful to wear, they’ve simply never been officially registered with the Food and Drug Administration. Schoon explained that nail polish colorants must be approved by the FDA prior to production, and though any polish brand who wished to create neon shades could go ahead with the registration, the costly and arduous process renders companies reluctant to take the leap. So there you go! Neon nail polish isn’t illegal, it’s just not technically legal. I guess we’ll have to settle for almost-but-not-quite neon until some bold company steps forward. OPI, I’m looking at you! [Racked, Daily Mail]