Today’s Lady News: JCPenney Features Ad With Lesbian Moms, Bigots Freak Out

  • Cranky group of bigots One Million Moms is hopping mad at a new JCPenney ad for Mother’s Day which depicts models who seem to be gay moms. Gay women with children, gah! Doesn’t JCPenney know that the proper way to teach children about homosexuality is — as this North Carolina pastor advocated — to punch your son if he has a limp wrist?! Get with the program, JCP: less happy families, more child abuse! [ABC News]
  • Legislators in New York City have allocated funds towards the development of smartphone apps that will help report street harassment to appropriate city agencies — such as a man masturbating outside a school or workers at construction companies hired by the city who yell obscenities at women on the street. [NY Daily News
  • This is what feminist porn looks like! [Em & Lo]
  • New York City prosecutors are combatting sex work by focusing on pimps instead of prostitutes. [New York Times]
  • Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice learned more about her great-grandmother’s slavery-era past on “Finding Your Roots.” [The Root]
  • Actress Anna Paquin is pissed that people assume bisexuality is “made up.” [Queerty]
  • Mali has a new law called the “Family Code” which requires a woman to obey her husband, mandates the man as head of the family, and makes the legal age a girl can marry age 16. [Guardian UK]
  • On the still all-too-common plague of rape across South Africa. [The Root]
  • A cab driver who preyed on drunken women he picked up in his car outside bars and nightclubs has been jailed for raping two women. [Daily Mail UK]
  • The British ballet is addressing eating disorders amongst its dancers. [BBC]
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