Aerie Is Selling Bras As Shirts Now

I love a corset, personally. But when is a corset top not really a corset and actually just a bra? That’s a delicate question the folks over at Aerie should be asking themselves, since they’ve launched a line of “Concert Bras,” which they say are made to be worn under clothes or, you know, on their own.

Each of the 20 or so bras comes with the exact same descriptor: “Made to be seen. Made to dance. Layer under a tank or wear it on its own…” Looking at the three bras featured on the “Concert Bra” section of the site, I could see reasonably wearing the two on the right without a top over them. But the one on the left? It seems a tad revealing to be worn out in public to a non-beach-going area. But okay, let’s say you’re comfortable in that bra, would you wear one of the following, sans shirt, outside of your house?

I’m not a prude, and yes, wear what you like, but it seems like if this catches on you’re going to see a whole lot of girls getting their boob sweat on you. As one Aerie commenter notes, “I find it ridiculous for Aerie to put out a bra like this. A bra is not a shirt. Girls are going to just wear this top and think it is acceptable. I dread going to concerts this summer because I feel like this is all I am going to see.”

Would you rock this look?