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I’m not sure where to begin, because this bag is pretty terrible on all counts. The first glaring issue is that it’s ugly. So yeah — Australian handbag designer Kirrily Johnston collaborated with Special K (yes, the cereal) to create this purse following the brand’s “Handbag Exposé,” which found that 79% of women don’t carry a snack with them during the day. That’s where the bag comes in: the campaign claims that the special “Special K red” suede will serve as “a visual cue to help the 96% of women who think about snacking each day.” I don’t know what kind of statistic that is, but there it is. The interior also features a “Special K Snack Pouch” (I’m not making this up), a specially designed snack bar pocket. This bag is $750. You want? [Racked]

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