Travel Prostitution Is Here

A new website,, is offering beautiful, broke ladies access to “wealthy” dudes who are willing to pay for travel to exciting destinations. Upon signing up for the site, “beautiful” members (users decided between a “generous” or “beautiful” membership type) must provide photos for approval, which ultimately decide whether the ladies can or cannot have a profile. With an approved membership, women have access to thousands of eligible bankers, athletes, lawyers, executives and other uncategorized rich dudes who are willing to fork over travel cash in exchange for a wonderful and of course, most importantly, attractive female travel companion.

I am also entertained by the instructions for the “Describe Yourself” portion of the sign-up page:

Explain what sort of travel partner you seek, or where you’d love to travel to, but please keep it classy. This is a public profile and no X-rated content is allowed.

For some odd reason, the creators of this site find something classy about it. Hey, I suppose to some folks there is absolutely nothing sketchy about “free” vacationing with a rich “travel buddy.” Plus MissTravel does, after all, promote some weird sort of independence for women. “Beautiful” members who travel often are rewarded with frequent flyer points that can be used to redeem airline tickets and hotel rooms. So, after the sugar babies accompany their daddies on a few trips, they can finally afford one of their own. Whoopie! [Huffington Post]