Researcher Claims He Has Found The G-Spot: “A Blue, Grape-Like Structure”

G-spot, in my open letter to you, I warned that if you decided to pop up, you’d better be staying for good. And here you go showing up again, trying to steal all of the attention as always, without making any real commitment to hang around.

Some dude researcher, Dr. Adam Ostrzenski, claims to have conclusively discovered your whereabouts. He dissected an 83-year-old dead lady and found what is described as a “blue, grape-like structure buried deep in the front wall of the vagina.”

That sounds … appealing.

Once again, us ladies are left questioning the legitimacy of your existence, as some are skeptical as to whether this structure is the source of any sexual pleasure in the first place. It’s not like the single dead lady (yes, only one woman) examined in this study could be asked whether or not she enjoyed having it rubbed. As Dr. Abraham Morgentaler of Harvard Medical School put it, “Finding a mysterious structure in an 83-year-old [dead body] isn’t proof of anything,”

So you know what G-spot? I’ve arranged, with much difficulty, a very special performance for you to really understand how I feel at this moment:

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