Carine Roitfeld Partners With M.A.C. To Create Her Own Twenty-Piece Collection

Carine Roitfeld is one of the most recognizable names in the fashion industry, but she doesn’t have the same notoriety here in America as she does overseas, where the former Vogue Paris mogul is an icon with equal leverage to that other famous editrix, Anna Wintour. The felinic fashionista is also responsible for somewhat of a dynasty, what with daughter Julia succeeding in her well-heeled footsteps. Carine recently announced the September debut of her long-awaited New York-based magazine, CR Fashion Book, so it’s safe to say that in almost no time at all, the Frenchwoman is poised to become an American presence to be reckoned with.

Roitfeld is distinguished not just for her place in the publishing world, but also as a style idol in her own right. She is almost always in head-to-toe black, managing to straddle the line between a sex symbol and a high-fashion man repeller. Her trademark makeup is more ubiquitous yet: eyes as expertly dark and smoldering as they come, with bold, meticulously groomed brows and a natural lip. Try as one might, it’s a struggle to recreate, and often translates to more black-eye than black-tie.

It’s definitely surprising, and also just plain awesome, to learn that Carine is partnering with M.A.C., a distinctly New York brand, to create a limited-edition twenty-piece makeup collection. As stated in the press release from the company, the line will “focus on eyes and brows” to “reflect Carine’s signature look: smoky eye, bold brows, and nude lips.” Smoky eyes have been done over and over again ad nauseum, but I look forward to seeing how Carine’s vision will lend a new perspective to the typical trend. In simpler and more honest terms: I’ll probably buy whatever she brands. She will also star in the promotional photos, which I’m not all that psyched about, mainly because, I mean, check out that picture: holy Photoshop! [NY Mag]