Ukraininan Women Will Steal Your Husbands, According To This Dutch Commercial

Today in Awkward Diplomatic Kerfluffles: the entire country of Ukraine is pissed at the entire country of The Netherlands for airing a commercial that implies sexy, sexy Ukrainian women are a bunch of husband-stealing sexpots. The ad was made by a Dutch energy company called NLE and references the Euro 2012 soccer games, which will be hosted by the Ukraine. (On a side note, any other Americans find it utterly impossible to keep Europoeans and their various soccer tournaments straight?!) The ad shows a woman Googling the words “Ukrainian women” and coming up with images of super sexy hot Ukrainian ladies. She then immediately goes and purchases an at-home beer tap, presumably so her husband will stay on his couch and not leave her for some random blonde chick in the Ukraine during a soccer match. Ukraine is now pissy that the commercial will affect tourism during the Euro 2012 games.

I find the whole thing kind of overblown, beyond the somewhat-offensive portrayal of all Ukrainian women as sexy sexpots. On the other hand, they’re hardly the only country with that rep — France has been banking on that stereotype for ages, you know? Any Dutch women worried about their husbands headed to Ukraine to watch soccer should just look on the bright side.  Everyone knows that when your dude is away is the perfect time to indulge in Shameful Secret Single Girl Behavior. Depilatory mustaches for everyone!

[The Sun UK]

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