Today’s Lady News: Marine Women Headed To Frontlines

  • The Marines are slowly integrating more women into their frontline units, according to a message sent to the Marine Corps on Monday night. The Pentagon has recently opened up thousands of new jobs to women in the military. [New York Times]
  • The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission issued a decision last week that transgender folks are protected from bias in the workplace and free from discrimination on account of their gender identity. [New York Daily News]
  • In “Are My Eyes Deceiving Me?” news, beer company Anheuser-Busch has warned UFC that it is displeased with sexist, homophobic comments made by fighters. You know beer manufacturers. So progressive! [Ad Age]
  • Fox News analyst Monica Crowley has apologized for responding to the news that Sandra Fluke is engaged with the question, “To a man?” [MediaBistro]
  • Is “brogrammer” culture — that would be computer programming for bros — on the rise? [Mother Jones]
  • How Take Back The Night protests keep some victims silent. [GOOD]
  • Domestic abuse is out of control in Turkey and victims say the state does nothing to help them. [New York Times]
  • Meet Hungarian doctor Agnes Gereb, ordered to house arrest over a crackdown on her championship of home births. [Guardian UK]
  • Yup, rape is still rape even if you are married to your rapist. [Daily Mail UK]
  • Women competitors at the upcoming Olympic Games in London struggle with representing their countries, as well as their genders. [New York Times]
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