LARP Passions: An Online Dating Destination For Live Action Role Players

Dorks need love, too, and that’s why I have nothing snarky to say about LARP Passions, an online dating website for “singles with a passion for LARPing.” What is LARPing, you ask? Live action role playing. Players act out fictional dramas in character, wearing costumes and carrying fake weapons, which they often build themselves. It’s sort of like Civil War re-enactors, but with spell packets and foam swords. Romantic.

All my friends did it in high school, because we were in the cool crowd, obviously. So I emailed my buddy from high school, Dan Comstock, a grown-ass man who loves LARPing, to ask what he thought about it. He wrote me in an email:

Our identities are all tangled up in branding now. We’ve developed very specific tastes as a means of coping with the overwhelming number of market choices available to us. Our senses are routinely overloaded. A lot of people don’t want to meet just anybody — they want to meet somebody they can share their niche with. Subcultures fragment into finer subcultures. Are we moving closer together or further apart? 

It reminds me of the plight of the kinkster. In some ways, they have a harder time dating than people with more vanilla tastes. Kinky people might spend a lifetime trying to find a partner that’s both romantically compatible AND turned on by their particular kink. For them, Internet dating sites are a sign post that reads “You’re not alone.” There are a lot of people out there searching for those signs. Luckily, in 2012, those signs are everywhere.

Well put.  

Nevermind that LARP Passions is the most low-budget, unsexy online dating website I’ve ever seen in my life. (And, girl, I’ve seen ‘em all.) Good for these crazy kids that they have a new way to find each other: it fills a need. A dorky, dorky need. [LARP Passions]

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