Ke$ha Pops A Squat, Plus 6 Other Recent Embarrassing Celeb Tweets

When a girl’s gotta go, a girl’s gotta go. I’m not sure the “PoPo” referenced in Ke$ha’s tweet earlier this week would accept that as a reasonable defense for deciding to pee in the street and tweeting the photo to all her followers. Still, I must commend her balance — popping a squat and taking a photo at the same time? Ke$ha actually does have talent! But she’s not the only celeb who has a knack for embarrassing themselves on Twitter. Let’s look at some recent celeb tweets that made us facepalm.

1. Jose Canseco: The former baseball player and reality TV star showed Al Gore who the real global warming expert is on the 100th anniversary of the Titanic’s sinking. “Global warming couldve saved Titanic. Sad to say,” he tweeted. “You clowns it’s very simple. With global warming the weather is hotter so the icebergs would be melted and titanic saved.” This is your brain on steroids, children.

2. Tori Spelling: In fairness, the blame for this one falls squarely on hubby Dean McDermott’s shoulders — he tweeted a photo of their son, not realizing that Tori’s bare bosoms were clearly visible in the background. Whoopsies!

3. Jessica Simpson: The oh-my-god-will-she-ever-pop pregnant singer/actress has always had a fondness for Twitter TMI, but my personal favorite in recent days was her copping to being highly flatulent. Retweeting a factoid that the average person farts 15 times a day, Jessica added, “The average pregnant woman farts 15 times that!” I’m not convinced she actually did the math though. On another day, Jessica tweeted a photo of her feet not touching the ground in a public restroom, writing, “Short girl problems.” The cringe-inducing part? She was barefoot. Eww.

4. Taylor Armstrong: I imagine “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” star was trying to retweet someone who complimented her book, but instead it appeared that she was, uh, flattering herself. “Reading @TaylorArmstrong’s amazing new book!” she tweeted. “She is such an inspiration to me and to other women! Thank you so much!! Xo.” Hey, maybe she’s practicing high self-esteem these days?

5. Courtney Love: The queen of making a dang fool of herself on Twitter, Courtney Love, maybe thought she could do so more discreetly by tweeting under a private account — alas, word got out that she was spreading pretty vile lies about sworn enemy Dave Grohl. She told her followers that she had heard rumors that the former drummer for Nirvana had hit on her estranged daughter Frances Bean Cobain and that Frances “was curious,” implying the two may have even slept together. Frances later issued a statement that her mother was spreading lies and that she should be banned from Twitter altogether.

6. Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi: The most, um, tasteless way to show you’re a fan of Lady Gaga? Tweeting that you want to rape her. That’s what the “Jersey Shore” star did when she heard Lady Gaga was in town.