Are You What You’re Wearing? Psychologist Jen Baumgartner Thinks So

Most days, I just throw on whatever’s comfortable and cute, and whatever doesn’t make me feel self-conscious or overly-critical of my new thirtysomething gut. But according to some psychologists, my clothing choices — and yours — are actually much more deep-seated and pressing. Says Liz Jones (pictured), a writer for the Daily Mail UK (I know, I know), clothing choices actually express your inner neuroses, passions and subconscious fears.

Liz says her fashion choices are deep-seated expressions of her myriad lady feelings. Like, “ I choose expensive items because I grew up poor. I dress like a man at work because I think I’m stupid. I cover up because I believe I’m repulsive. I have long understood that the way I dress is my shield, my solace, my safety net.” Whoa, Liz, maybe see a therapist? That is some serious self-loathing.

But apparently, she’s found some clinical basis for this in psychologist Jennifer Baumgartner’s book You Are What You Wear. Baumgartner says she can actually diagnose psychological problems just by looking at the way someone’s dressed. That doesn’t sound like it follows the American Psychological Association Code of Ethics, does it?

Liz goes on allow Jennifer Baumgardner to “analyze” her, which reads more like pat fashion advice with a smidge of armchair psychology. But as Liz reveals, Jennifer’s clothing-based reads are all wrong. Explains Liz, “She missed that I am borderline anorexic, have body dysmorphic disorder, fear aging, men and sex, that I am in awe of clothes rather than know how to enjoy them, and that I spend way too much money.She should have deduced, as a therapist who claims to use only clothes to make her diagnosis, that I am divorced, that I hate my body, am hugely stressed, and — oh! — that I’m broke!” Again, Liz, maybe you should talk to someone. [Daily Mail UK]