“The Week The Women Went” Will Be Like A Very Dysfunctional “Wife Swap”

Lifetime, the network for women where women are most often portrayed as killers, murder victims or prostitutes, has a new show lined up for summer! It’s called “The Week That Women Went,” and it’s a documentary mini-series that attempts to show what might happen to a small town if all the women were to disappear. In the series, the women of the small town of Yemasee, South Carolina, take off for a week, leaving their husbands, kids and jobs. The point, I guess, is to show what the world would be like for men if women weren’t there. Which obviously would suck.

The show is based on a similar British conceit, and also reminds me of a film called “A Day Without a Mexican,” which attempted to show what might happen if illegal immigrants were suddenly removed from California and chronicles the state’s eventual economic collapse.

In any case, whether we’re talking men or women, if one half of the population were to disappear it would radically challenge those who remain. Either way, we’ll be watching. [NYMag.com]