More Icky Details Of John Edwards Affair With Rielle Hunter Emerge In Court

The sordid tale of Senator John Edwards, his mistress Rielle Hunter, and Andrew Young, the campaign employee who went to great lengths to cover the whole affair up, is more complicated than a “Gossip Girl” plot. And that is saying something.

It’s day two of Edwards’ campaign finance trial — he has been accused of illegally using campaign funds to hide his pregnant mistress — and boy, is Andrew Young dishing some humiliating dirt about Edwards’ affair. I mean this in the least tasteless way possible, but it almost makes me feel good that his late wife, Elizabeth Edwards, isn’t around to hear about it. 

According to The Daily Beast’s Diane Dimond, Young testified that John Edwards was flaunting videographer/wackadoodle Rielle Hunter right in front of his then-wife’s face — and everyone else’s too. Rielle Hunter was furnished with a new BMW to drive and an allowance and apparently treated campaign folks like “errand people,” Young said. John Edwards worried Elizabeth was sniffing around the cell phone bills, so the campaign got Rielle her own mobile, which they called the “Bat Phone.” Perhaps the most cringe-worthy anecdote is the time that Elizabeth answered John’s cell phone, while he was nearby sleeping, and Rielle was on the other line “cooing about their shared love.” AWKWARD. Part of his job was keeping the mistress away from the wife, Young explained, which worked just fine until the two of them had a confrontation in a ladies’ room. (Elizabeth supposedly just glared.)

There’s much more juicy stuff about all the money that changed hands — which is what the trial is actually about — that pretty much amounts to courting millionaire and billionaire donors for money to allegedly help cover up his pregnant mistress’ tracks, especially after The National Enquirer came snooping around. And there’s more to come as the trial goes on. We haven’t even gotten to the sex tape yet!

One thing is for sure: I don’t feel one lick of sympathy for John Edwards or Rielle Hunter. But I have a lot of respect for his daughter Cate Edwards (pictured above) coming to the trial with him every day. I couldn’t do it. 

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