Mike “The Situation” Has A Girlfriend: All You Need To Know About Caitlin Wood

I am a little worried about the possibility of an impending apocalypse. Not only is Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi sober, pregnant, and excited to be a mom—but Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino has a girlfriend. Yes, a girlfriend. You know, one of those people who you let keep a toothbrush at your place rather than calling a cab to take home approximately five minutes after you’re done smushing? Her name is Caitlin J. Wood. Here’s hoping that she has had a full STD screening, and enjoys cleaning out hot tubs.

Wood appeared on The Situation’s arm on Friday, as he began taping his new online series, “SituationTV,” a prank show which will air on the website FilmOn. During the taping, The Situation was asked about his past relationships.

“My longest relationship — well, I’ve had two — when I was 17 for two or three years and one more when I was 22, to 24. I’ve only had two girlfriends in my life and I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time in my life. This is the third,” he said, motioning to Wood. Who might I add has a very appropriate last name for The Situation.

A source close to Sorrentino confirms to Celebuzz that being in a relationship is a rarity for The Situation. “It’s a fledgling romance,” the source says. “She’s wonderful for him.”

So who is this Caitlin who would dare to date The Situation after watching the horrendous way he’s treated women for, oh, the past five seasons of “Jersey Shore”? Here’s all I could find about Caitlin, plus a few photos, too. 

  1. Caitlin is 22 and hails from Chino Hills, California, according to her Facebook page. After studying at CSU Fullerton, she now lives in Huntington Beach.
  2. She’s a model, reports Wet Paint. In addition to being a contestant in the Miss Malibu 2010 pageant, Wood also modeled for Frederick’s of Hollywood’s Miami Swim Week and did a runway show for Gordana Goga Gehlhausen.
  3. Wood has listed herself on the site Model Mayhem. However, she’s specified that she doesn’t strip for photos. “Please do not ask me to do nude work,” she writes. “If you like the way I look in a bikini you don’t need to see me nude!  ” Wait, maybe she can handle The Situation.
  4. Wood also claims on the site to be getting a lot of modeling work. “Just wanted to let you guys know I am very busy for the rest of the month till about Mid May, so I will not be shooting or working very often,” she said. “If it is paid then I can consider it.”
  5. Oh look, she also gives her measurements. She is 5’9?, 125 pounds and has a D cup. She does, however, have big feet—a size 10.
  6. Wood describes on Model Mayhem saying, “I am a very active person! Love working out and going to the gym. I am very out going and like to have fun when working!” Again, this doesn’t sound like a terrible match for Sorrentino.
  7. According to her Facebook page, Wood likes Diplo, the Pittsburgh Pirates, and Save Ferris.

Now, I realize this post has been a little mean. I recognize that there is someone out there for everyone, and don’t begrudge anyone love. But this is The Situation we are talking about here. Are you shocked that he is in a relationship?

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