“Mad Men” Creator Sheds Light On Don Draper’s S&M Sex Drive

“Don’s relationship — and [the] women in his life’s relationship[s] — between power and sex is very closely linked. And I think it’s part of the human experience. I think it’s an animal thing. Powerful men in particular seem to want to be controlled sexually. … I think what you’re seeing is that they do have a vibrant sex life, and she is controlling that part of it, and he likes it. And it’s the way they fight. And it’s kind of her saying to him, ‘You want to be this way? Then you can’t have this,’ and on some level wanting him to realize that he won’t get it. And what I love about it, and what I think is fresh, is that this woman is not judged afterward. It’s very rare for a woman to express that kind of sexual confidence and control and not be the prostitute, and be somebody’s wife and be in a relationship afterward. I’m both sexualizing their relationship and explaining her status in the relationship.”

“Mad Men” creator Matt Weiner spoke to NPR about Don Draper’s S&M sex drive, which we’ve gotten little peeks of throughout the series. Remember that time Don got slapped in the face by a prostitute! My head almost exploded.

I’ll admit I got kinda turned on when Megan did her whole cleaning-up-the-carpet-wearing-lingerie thing and told Don, “You can’t have this” — which of course made him pounce on her like Roger Sterling on an unopened bottle of booze. Everything Matt Weiner says here makes sense. I’m just concerned, like many viewers, about what happened on Sunday  night (spoiler alert) when Don kicked down the door and chased Megan around the apartment. It reminded me of the times Don roughed up his ex-wife Betty.  Please, “Mad Men” writing team, be nuanced about the difference between consensual S&M sex and spousal abuse/Don’s general doucheitude. [She Knows via NPR]

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