Girl Sent Home From Prom For Wearing Confederate Flag Dress

Texanna Edwards, of Gibson County, Tennessee, was sent home from her senior prom after she wore a Confederate flag-themed dress to the event. Edwards was turned away after school officials deemed the dress “offensive and inappropriate.”

“She was told because of the dress and what it would look like, it would be considered inappropriate,” said Edward Pruett, who serves as the director of schools for the county. Prior to the event, Edwards was warned not to wear the dress, and was told that it would be especially inappropriate, given that racial tensions at the school had escalated in recent months.

For her part, Edwards claims that nobody was offended by the garment, which calls to mind the flag of the Confederacy fighting during the Civil War. “We asked why they thought that, but they kept saying the same thing over and over,” she said. “We kept asking people walking inside — black and white — and everyone said they loved it. Two black women even went off on the principal. They were upset with the principal. No one was upset with me.” Suuuuure. I bet they also loved the formal flip-flops she wore to the event, too. [WSOCTV]