Women Choose Briefcases Over Babies Where Men Are Scarce

Modern American ladies are faced with a new phenomenon that has a real chuckle-worthy title coined by the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology: “choosing briefcase over baby.” Us girls are receiving 57 percent of all Bachelor’s degrees and 60 percent of all Masters’ degrees and we’re apparently rewarded for our efforts with a scarcity of “suitable” men to marry. When the ratio of degree-holding women to men drastically changes, women delay baby-making and instead go paper-chasing.

As Rush Limbaugh recently misrepresented and ranted about, studies have proved that women’s “mating standards” increase as they become more educated and wealthy — meaning, they gravitate towards men of the same status. Considering us ladies already outnumber men in the United States, this mentality further decreases chances of finding a guy “worthy” of settling down with.

It’s sad to acknowledge the fact that many educated and successful women don’t have many dude options, but I am proud to say that contrary to the media’s depiction of the man-less and depressed spinster who over-indulges in tubs of ice cream while watching Lifetime, single ladies live large and pursue ambitious careers in the absence of a dude to rely on. So, my ladyships, even though the current dating scene may seem all gloom and doom, more access to power and wealth will only prove beneficial in the long run.

Not to mention, I like to think of men as fine wine: some of the best are imported. [Market Watch]

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