Approval Matrix: Rating The Men Of Manic Pixie Dream Girl Movies

The Manic Pixie Dream Girl trope is super annoying. Not only because the MPDG is a rather one-dimensional portrayal of femininity, but also because stories featuring her always go the same. She unexpectedly pratfalls into the protagonist’s staid life to shake things up, forcing him to learn a valuable lesson or change his ways, or get a different job or go scuba diving or leave his uptight girlfriend. She’s an event that happens, rather than a real character. And what does she get for all of her dancing in the rain and quirky hijinks? The guy. But whatever, usually the guys in these stories are pretty terrible — they’re boring, facile and barely able to keep up with the MPDG. The guys in MPDG movies are kind of The Worst.

That’s why we’ve evaluated some of the best-known MPDG dudes and evaluated them for annoyability and bangability. After all, while the Manic Pixie Dream Girl might have her faults, at least she’s not boring. A helpful key is available after the jump.