Today’s Lady News: Mitt Romney Spokesman Furiously Deleting Sexist Tweets

  • A new spokesman hired by Mitt Romney has furiously deleted tweets in which he made sexist comments about Callista Gingrich, Hillary Clinton and First Lady Michelle Obama. Richard Grenell has defended himself by saying tweets about Callista Gingrich’s appearance, for example, were only meant to be tongue-in-cheek. Uh huh. [Talking Points Memo
  • Wisconsin’s Planned Parenthood clinics have suspended use of the abortion pill (also called non-surgical abortions) after a new anti-abortion law has required women to visit a doctor at least three times before taking the abortion pill. [MSNBC]
  • A new report by the Department of Health and Human Services found significant health disparities for transgender folks, including those exacerbated by discrimination and prejudice. [Think Progress]
  • Foreign Policy magazine asked female politicians to play a game of “Women In Politics” Mad Libs. [Foreign Policy]
  • The hot new “feminist” sport? Arm wrestling! [New York Times]
  • I co-sign everything Emily Combs at xoJane says about people who ask sex workers “Would you want your daughter to do what you’re doing?” [xoJane]
  • Spirit Airlines has pulled a “joke” advertisement spoofing the Secret Service prostitution scandal. [The Jane Dough
  • Ten great books about young women. That reminds me, I have to re-read Mary McCarthy’s The Group. [Flavorwire]
  • What makes feminist porn “feminist,” exactly? [Daily Mail UK]
  • The former Italian Prime Minister is making creepy comments about women. Again. [Nerve]
  • The BBC will air an upcoming radio show broadcast from inside an abortion clinic as it speaks to patients and staff. [Daily Mail UK]
  • London’s Mayor Boris Johnson has denied accusations that he his behavior has been “patronizing” and “disrespectful” towards female politicians. [Guardian UK]
  • Some 9th grade health classes in Calgary, Canada, are teaching “WiseGuyz” boys-only health classes to discuss stuff like relationships, sexual values, and reproduction. This sounds awesome! [Globe & Mail]