Kate Middleton Freezes Her Princess Face With Bee Venom

Kate Middleton isn’t just an English rose glowing with natural beauty. She also fancies a bit of bee venom on her skin — AKA “natural” Botox — to sooth lines and wrinkles. Her stepmother-in-law, Camilla Parker-Bowles, turned her on to the $265 bee venom facial by aesthetician Deborah Mitchell, who works with Victoria Beckham and Kylie Minogue. Mitchell runs a London spa called Heaven and has been working with Camilla for seven years; no doubt due in part to her discretion regarding celeb clients, she began working with Kate shortly after her engagement.

For the first time ever, Mitchell has opened up about treating Kate’s visage with a bee venom facial before her wedding day last year at the royal residence, Clarence House; Camilla herself enjoyed — well, enjoy may not be the right word — a bee venom facial on the morning of the royal wedding.  Mitchell is apparently on such good terms with the royals that Camilla has given her clothing as gifts and Kate even shared with her the name of her and William’s new pup, Lupo, before the public.

Deborah Mitchell’s spas can be found in London, China, Taiwan or Japan, with another opening in New York soon. But you can aim for that bee sting look yourself with a bottle of Heaven skincare’s Bee Venom mask — Victoria Beckham once asked to be sent six bottles. And at $65 for a 50ml pot, you don’t have to be a princess to afford it.

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[Heaven Skincare: Bee Venom Mask]

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