Ask A Stylist: How Do I Incorporate Spring Trends On A Budget?

When Ami asked me to give her styling tips on how to work new spring trends into her wardrobe, I was excited to play dress up with her. The focus of our session was on how to work the few new pieces she purchased into her existing wardrobe and how to subtly incorporate spring trends without going over the top. Since Ami is on a strict shopping budget, as many of us are, it’s important for her to know which pieces to save on and which to splurge on. Ami is 33 (she gave me permission to reveal her age) and as much as she loves keeping up with new fashions, she also acknowledges that she needs to keep her style more classic and chic, only adding trendy touches to her wardrobe when she wants to liven things up. As her official stylist, I advised her to pick up trendier pieces at the more affordable stores, while investing in the timeless basics. I also happen to know that Ami’s fashion muse is Stevie Nicks,and although she’s not about to start wearing capes, I made sure to incorporate hints of bohemian chic and free-spirited ’70s child into her spring looks. Keeping all this in mind, click through to check out the outfits I came up with.

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