10 Perfectly Good Reasons To Postpone A Wedding

Congratulations, you’re engaged! But approximately 10 seconds after the ring has been placed on your finger, the interrogation from family, friends and coworkers begins: Have you found a dress? Religious or non-religious? How many bridesmaids? Where’s the bachelorette party? How about the honeymoon? How many people are you inviting?

And the biggest one of all: So, have you set a date?

The answer to that question is “No, not yet!” in the new romantic comedy “The Five-Year Engagement.” Tom and Violet, played by Jason Segel and Emily Blunt, find their engagement extended … and extended … and extended after they relocate to Michigan for Violet’s job. But why are long engagements so frowned upon anyway? There are plenty of perfectly good reasons for not rushing to the altar. Here are 10 off the top of our heads…

1. Because you’d rather spend this year’s tax return on a fabulous vacay to Morocco than on shrimp cocktail for a whole mess of relatives you’ve never met.

2. Because you still haven’t broken it to your parents that you’re not still dating your last BF that they absolutely loved.

3. Because you two can’t agree on anything for a registry. You’re French Country and he’s Classic Century. He wants an air rifle and you want a hammock. Decisions, decisions. One of your will come around eventually.

4. Because you’re still growing your hair out from the unfortunate and ill advised Pixie Cut Incident Of 2011 and you really want boho braids for the occasion.

5. Because UNLIKE Angie and Brad, you guys really aren’t going to get married until EVERYBODY has to right to get married.

6. Because you plan on DIYing everything and it’s going to take years to lovingly weave hemp place cards for all of your guests.

7. Because there was that one time he showed up to your parents’ house drunk and with no pants, and he’s got some damage control to do.

8. Because every time you sit down to make decisions — on venues, guest list, a damn date — Mercury happens to be in retrograde and your astrologist would kill you.

9. Because, oops, you’re pregnant and now you definitely want to wait until the baby is born, not to mention walking and talking, so he or she can be an integral part of the wedding.

10. Because there’s nothing more fun than milking this “I’m engaged!” thing FOREVER!

This post was sponsored by the film The Five-Year Engagement, in theaters April 27, but the opinions expressed are our own.