Fancy A Night In A Hamster Hotel?

I don’t know about you guys, but whenever I’m at a hotel, I look around and think, This is nice, I guess, but you know what would be better? A giant hamster cage. Apparently a lot of people share this sentiment, because a hotel in western France called Villa Hamster provides just that — yep, hamster cages for humans — and business has been booming since it opened in 2009. The hotel owner, 42-year-old Yann Falquerho, saw a void in the “animal transformation” hotel niche and pounced on the opportunity to give guests the full hamster lifestyle experience, from human-size running wheels to hay stacks to sleep on. What’s for dinner? Organic hamster grains and water in a tube, of course! Not only is the hotel often totally booked, Falquerho says many guests even spend their time at Villa Hamster on all fours. Sounds like the perfect romantic getaway, huh? [Oddity Central]