Be My Boyfriend: Monkey Man

Dear Kenichi Ito (aka Monkey Man),

I really admire how you’ve been perfecting different movement styles based on the Patas monkey of Africa. For the record, I don’t think you look like a monkey. I’m sorry that you were teased as a child. I was too. It sucks. But I respect how you turned your pain into a positive by learning to adopt animal traits. I did that as well! You can ask my family about The Bird With The Broken Wing and The Disinterested Flamingo if you get to meet them. I can’t run as fast as you on all fours, I’ve never gone into the mountains for an animal training retreat, and thank God, I have never been mistaken for a wild boar and shot at, but I can anthropomorphize an animal like nobody’s business. I think we would get along really well. Maybe we could get together and you can teach me how to gallop on all fours.

With admiration,

Ami Angelowicz