Today’s Lady News: Young Women Want Career & Money Moreso Than Men, Study Claims

  • Young women ages 18 to 34 want a career and to earn good money moreso than their male counterparts do, according to a new report from the Pew Research Center. The recent study says two-thirds of women prioritize advancing their career, while 15 years ago it was closer to half of all young women who felt that way. Watch out, boys! [Los Angeles Times]
  • Oklahoma’s “fetal personhood” bill, which would have granted personhood status to fertilized eggs, has failed in the state Legislature. “Fetal personhood” bills would criminalize all abortion and IVF treatments. [Reuters]
  • Tennessee’s House of Representatives has advanced an anti-abortion bill that would allow prosecutors to charge someone for harming an embryo — the cells that form into a fetus up to eight weeks after conception. Harming a “viable fetus” — as in, an eight-month’s pregnant woman who is murdered — is already illegal in the state, so this current bill is a clear attack on abortion rights by trying to define an embryo as a “person.” [Think Progress]
  • Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin was on “Fox & Friends” spewing nonsense about, as she put it, “feminist myths about this so-called wage gap.” [Mediaite]
  • Three branches of Planned Parenthood are merging in Texas in order to fight back against touch economic cuts from the state. [New York Times]
  • Iconic feminist Gloria Steinem says the whole Ann Romney/working mother/stay-at-home-mom/Hilary Rosen kerfuffle was “stupid.”  Because it really, really was. []
  • Philantrophist and art collector Elizabeth Sackler announced a seven-figure donation on Wednesday night to fund a permanent curator of feminist artwork at the Brooklyn Museum in New York City. A thus-far-temporary exhibit of feminist artwork was created five years ago with a donation that created a center, bearing Sackler’s name, in the museum. [New York Times]
  • Jane Schaberg, a feminist Biblical scholar, died earlier this week. A former nun, Schaberg is the author of The Illegitimacy of Jesus: A Feminist Theological Interpretation of the Infancy Narratives, which posited that Jesus was not born from a virgin mother but was the byproduct of rape by a Roman centurion. [Patheos]
  • A Russian court has extended jail time for Pussy Riot, a band of three female punk rockers, who were jailed for mocking the president. The women are facing seven years in prison for “hooliganism.” [AP]
  • Women voters in Mexico are backing a dude candidate described as an “alpha male” over  his female rival. [Reuters]
  • Climate change/global warming is a key women’s rights issue, according to a committee of European Union politicians. [Telegraph UK]
  • Why, oh why, were we not invited to Toronto’s Feminist Porn Awards? [Globe & Mail]
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