This Week In Sex: Janet Jackson’s Super Bowl Nip Slip Case May Go The The Supreme Court & How A Sex Injury Can Get You Worker’s Comp

  • We have not heard the end of that Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction at the 2004 Super Bowl. The FCC is trying to get the case tried by the Supreme Court. Whoa. That’s an important nip slip. [Newser]
  • Just be glad you don’t live in the town of F**king, Austria. It’s a real town. Are we surpassed that the residents want to change the name? [Huffington Post]
  • There are benefits to being with a guy with a small penis. [College Candy]
  • It appears that a sex injury can get you workers comp. It happened for this woman in Australia who got injured by a light fixture while having sex on a business trip. Is that considered “working” or “working it”? [Nerve]
  • Here are some products that will enhance your guy’s pleasure. Hmmm. I didn’t know that hard-on spray existed. [Your Tango]
  • Sinead Walker will forever be known as the woman who tried to bite her lover’s penis off. How does one get to the point where they would consider such a thing? [LA Weekly]
  • Some thoughts on non-monogamy from a couple who likes it. [Ask Men]
  • Here are some ways to spice up your self-love sessions. [The Stir]