Date Defends Finance Dude’s Spreadsheet O’ Ladies

I am not the only one who finds Dave The Finance Guy Who Kept Track Of His Dates On A Spreadsheet adorably well-organized. One of the ladies he met off of is now defending Dave’s speadsheet o’ ladies, which leaked to the press earlier this week— and she’s pissed at the woman who leaked the list in the first place.  

A 26-year-old makeup artist named Liliana isn’t pissed at Dave, an investment banker in NYC, for keeping the spreadsheet or even for numerically ranking women on it like purebreds in a dog show. No, Liliana is angry at the woman — a fellow paramour of Dave’s — who forwarded the spreadsheet along until it eventually landed in the hands of the media. Dave apparently told Arielle, the original forwarder, that he kept a spreadsheet of dates and foolishly forwarded it to her when asked. Then Arielle sent it to all her friends, who sent it to all their friends, and well … the rest is history.

Liliana is so pissed at Arielle that she is considering legal action, calling the woman’s behavior “spiteful.” I don’t think there is anything this woman did that was illegal, but hey, it wouldn’t be America if someone didn’t get litigious anytime they were upset. As for Dave, he told The New York Post he is “deeply remorseful” for his “serious lapse in judgment.” 

We are assuming he is still single.

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