Today’s Lady News: “Female Logic” The Actual Name Of A Game Show

  • “Female Logic” is the actual name of a game show in the country of Georgia, which borders Europe and Russia. The show is being targeted by human rights activists because it’s f**king offensive as shit. On “Female Logic,” six men win a cash prize if they correctly predict how six young, pretty women will answer questions about stuff like astronomy. [IWPR]
  • An Alabama state representative who once tried to ban any book that “promotes homosexuality” is now trying to drastically restrict access to the morning-after pill.  Despite the fact that the FDA recently stated EC should be available on the shelves for all women, State Rep. Gerald Allen (R) proposed a bill requiring a woman to take EC under a doctor’s supervision and have a follow-up visit to ensure taking the pill was effective. [Think Progress]
  • The Vatican has reprimanded a group of nuns for challenging the male-only priesthood and promoting “radical feminist themes incompatible with the Catholic faith.” [New York Times]
  • President Obama signed a memorandum yesterday that will require federal agencies to create policies on how to assist employees who are domestic violence victims. []
  • The roadblock to reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act is seriously messed up, you guys. [Think Progress]
  • Meet over 61 female senators, news anchors, and professors whom Rush Limbaugh has called “babe.”  [Media Matters For America]
  • Latoya Peterson from Racialicious on the lack of diversity in “Girls.” [Racialicious]
  • Yesterday, Ireland’s Parliament began debating a bill that would provide access to abortion if the life of the woman is at risk, in contrast to the country’s long-standing abortion ban. [NY Times]
  • Interest in plastic surgery procedures, especially Botox and fillers, has increased dramatically amongst women in Sweden in the past two years. Perhaps most surprising is the rise in interest among Swedish women ages 15 to 29.  [The Local
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