Style 911: “Help Me Find A Maxi Dress That Doesn’t Make Me Look Pregnant!”

I would GREATLY appreciate some help in finding maxi dresses that don’t make someone 5’1″ look pregnant. I always love how they look on everyone, and the few I’ve tried on are the most comfortable things on Earth, however, they always end up making me look short and fat, and often like I’m about to make an announcement that I’m expecting. I know that short women CAN pull this look off, but I don’t know where to even start. Any advice on how to make this look work would make me one happy girl as the summer gets underway! — Gina

As a fellow shortie, I feel your pain, It’s so hard finding maxi dresses that don’t either dwarf us, or make us look like tiny little expectant ladies. So I have a couple of tips and options for you, after the jump!

1 . Try to find a maxi that doesn’t have an empire waist. Empire waists typically billow out under the breast and make virtually everyone look kind of preggos. Instead, pick a maxi that has a waist, a belt, or some kind of waist-level embellishment, so that you can highlight that you’re, in fact, not expecting.

2. Try a “mullet” maxi — one that’s short in the front and long in the back, so that you get the feel of the maxi, but also don’t feel like you’re drowning in fabric.

3. This is one item you might want to actually try shopping for in the petite section, as they’ll be more likely to be cut to fit you properly. Check out five options we’ve picked out, just for you!

1. Zara Floral Dress, $59.99

2. Kensie Women’s Asymmetrical Maxi Dress, $68

3. Nymph Linen Cross-Back Heart Print Dress, $100

4. Calvin Klein Stripe Maxi Dress, $108

5. Old Navy Pleated-Chiffon Maxi Dress, $30