Eden Wood, High On Pixie Sticks, Bombs An Interview

In a recent interview with CBS Atlanta, Eden Wood either OD’d on Pixie Sticks (aka pageant crack) or she was hitting the Go-Go Juice on the sly. Her Momager claims Go-Go Juice is not an issue in their house, but I’m, not so certain. The segment to promote her new Logo reality show, “Eden’s World” didn’t go quite as planned.  Eden’s cringeworthy highlights include: An unintentional Liza Minnelli impression, an impromptu rap about her reality show, the phrase “Blah, blah, blah … birdy feet” apropos of nothing, repeating everything her mother said (including “Do we need to have a come to Jesus meeting?”), shooting imaginary gun at the camera. All joking aside, in my estimation, this kid is crying out for help. Check out the video after the jump! [Buzzfeed]