A Dude Breaks Down The Types Of Female Poopers

First of all, comedian Robbie Sherrard (or should I call him Robbie Shitard?) is to be commended for keeping a straight face as he says that women only poop about once a week (unless they drink coffee). Good one, Robbie! Then he goes on to describe the three different type of girlfriend poopers. There’s the self-conscious pooper, who goes to great lengths to never drop a “Hiroshitma” in her dude’s presence; the TMI pooper who takes Instagram photos of her deuce; and the middle-ground pooper, who quietly does her business and never speaks of it.  I’m going to get working on my rebuttal video about the three types of pooper boyfriends: The whiney pooper who won’t shit without his baby wipes and often carries them on his person; the considerate pooper, who uses air freshener for your benefit; and the bomb dropper, who proudly clogs your toilet every time he goes. [Buzzfeed]