13 Things “Girls” Got Right

So. Did you watch the premiere of “Girls” last night? I did and I loved it. I thought the writing was fresh and realistic and funny — like, I laughed out loud and I rarely do that when I’m watching TV alone and not being egged on by other peoples’ laughter — and the overarching plot and point-of-view felt familiar. I say familiar because I rarely demand that TV (or movies, for that matter) reflects my own experience, but “Girls” reminded me of certain times in my life in a way that made me sigh and cringe. At the end of the day, “Girls” is about four women stuck in that awkward period when “independence” is both exciting and scary as hell, though the setting (New York City) and circumstances (with parental support and then struggling without) may not reflect your own; I thought Lena Dunham and crew did an excellent job capturing that right out the gate and I’m excited to see what happens next.

Now, I’m pretty sure the blogosphere is spilling over with commentary about what the show got right and wrong, but allow me to pile on anyway. Here are 13 things from the “Girls” premiere that just seemed universally accurate.

1. Eating in the bath rules. (Though I prefer salad over cupcakes.)

2. New York bathrooms really are that tiny.

3. An unpaid internship will probably not lead to a job at the place you’re interning.

4. A 24-year-old’s memoir only takes up six pages, max.

5. The mediocre sex with the dude with the mediocre personality and mediocre looks that lives in the grimy apartment and never calls. We’ve all either had sex with that guy or “have a friend” who has. Wink.

6. Women pee in front of each other.

7. Also, sometimes we fall asleep cuddling.

8. There are people out there still wearing Juicy Couture velour tracksuits.

9. $1100 a month would be really, really, really hard to live on in New York City.

10. You should really have Photoshop on “Additional Skills” on your resume.

11. Cocaine makes you poop.

12. Hannah’s affection for her worldly, boho friend Jessa. In our 30s, that girl would bug the fuck out of us, but at 24? Goddess. 

13. The way these women actually look. The lack of diversity is certainly a shame and I hope, at some point, “Girls” introduces some characters of color, but these are four of the realest looking mid-20s brunette white women I’ve ever seen on television.