Thoughts From Guys On Our IM: How Do You Feel About Waxing Your Crotch?

I’m sure, by now, many of you have either read or heard about The New York Times Style section article on the male crotch-waxing trend. “The below-the-belt treatment — which, just like the women’s version, removes either some or all pubic hair — is becoming increasingly popular, and not just among competitive swimmers or underwear models,” the piece claims. I knew guys were into trimming and manscaping, but I had no idea male crotch waxing was on the rise. Did you? I’ve spent a good portion of the week deciding how to respond to the alleged trend. I’ve never seen, nor been intimately involved with a waxed crotch, so it’s hard to say how I feel about it. Ultimately, I decided that it’s not my business to have an opinion about he-waxes and I should let the men respond directly. I took to IM to poll my own personal man panel comprised of straight, gay and metrosexual dudes in their 20s, 30s, 40s. See what they thought of mankini waxing after the jump. Oh, and please tell us what you think about it.

“I might try it for the experience, however, I doubt I’d want to continually do it. I recently worked on a website for a salon and they do hair down there as well as up top. When the owner was at my office he was saying the day before a guy had come in and had his pubic hair trimmed, he said it was ‘the biggest penis I have ever seen, but I always remain professional.'” — Anonymous

“OK, first I have to say that any ‘straight’ male that gets this done on his own accord is obviously gay or has dabbled currently or in the past. I say this as an openly gay man.  No straight man is going to walk into a salon and demand to have a Brazilian of his own accord.  I appreciate a ‘metro-sexual’ but this might be taking it to the extreme.  It’s obviously some sick request of his girlfriend so that she can laugh and tell her friends that she won some weird and twisted bet. I would give this a shot.  I like to keep my privates ‘maintained’ with a simple clippers, but I would certainly try it out.  I would be concerned with how it will grow back.  How far do you take it?  When do you stop?  I would just fear that I like the feel of it and come out completely bald from head to toe. How does it grow back?  Does it itch?  There’s nothing worse that an itchy bum.  Does the hair become more course after the first grow back?   I’d definitely need a shot of something before I raise my legs in the air and have some Russian woman or gay man put their hands and hot wax all over my donut hole.” — Brad

“I could never get a male bikini wax for the simple reason that if my bikini region were suddenly hairless, I would look like Chewbacca wearing a white speedo. I’m a hairy dude. I’m down with trimming any region that needs it, and there are perfectly good practical reasons for doing so along with aesthetic ones. But it’s one thing to keep things to a manageable length. it’s another thing to go smooth. If there’s any significant minority of women out there who prefer their men hairless from the neck down, I have yet to encounter them.” — Anonymous

“I’m all for personal grooming and keeping things neat and tidy, but nothing is more repulsive than a silky smooth bikini area, even for a man in a bikini. I would never get a mankini wax, but to each his own.” — Jonathan

“A little ‘manscaping’ is always a good thing, but I think this is taking it bit too far.  It’s ridiculous.  I would never get a male bikini wax.  I don’t understand it.  First of all, men shouldn’t even be wearing ‘bikinis’ (or a Speedo, the male equivalent) unless they’re a middle-aged European on a beach in the south of France. It’s right up there with anal bleaching. Why?Also, as a mildly hirsute man, I’ve had my back waxed a few times … and it hurt like a motherf**ker.  No way would I let anyone come at me with a stick full of wax heading toward my crotch. Oh, and for the record, as a gay man who has many gay friends on both the east and west coast (and who would actually do this if not the gays?), I don’t know anyone who has had this done, or would even consider it.  It’s just silly. And, I have never once seen evidence of it at the gym.” — Jeff

“Like all reports of ‘trends’ I’m skeptical about the actual strength of this one. I’d assume most of the ‘record number of guys’ going in for this treatment are gay. I don’t mean that pejoratively, I just literally mean gay men seem like the most likely group to do this. That’s probably where your trend is, which makes sense, since gay men are probably at the forefront of plenty of fashion and fitness and sexual trends.  If even half of one percent of straight guys outside of Manhattan and Brooklyn and parts of LA are doing this, I’d be shocked … Then again, I read Tommy Lee’s autobiography a few years ago and he very strongly advised guys to manscape (not wax), which surprised me a bit, so what do I know?  Would I get this done? F**k no. Why not? 1. Stupid. 2. Pain. 3. Would be way too embarrassed to get it. 4. I don’t think the person I’m with would care for it. 5. Would look asinine. 6. I’d definitely feel too chick-y about the whole thing. — Anonymous

“I’m a strong ‘nay’ on this one.  Sounds like the kind of thing a guy would only do to match his Ugg boots and Balenciaga murse.  Then again, I don’t even appreciate this kind of high maintenance masochism on the ladies.” — Evan