8 Disorders You Didn’t Know You Had That Could Be Affecting Your Relationships

After what seems like a petty argument, your S.O. blurts out, “Sometimes I swear there’s something wrong with you.” While this kind of statement is likely to piss anyone off, he might be on to something. Your interesting habits may seem like harmless personality quirks to you, but in actuality you just may be suffering from a disorder you didn’t even know you had.

According to the National Institute of Mental Illness, tens of millions of people suffer from some sort of mental disorder and only one quarter of them receive treatment. It turns out there’s a name for your nervous nail biting habit and your obsession with eating only organic. Finding out you’re suffering from an unknown disorder may explain a lot about your behavioral patterns … and give you some insight into why you can’t seem to make your relationships work. Click through to find out about some little known disorders that may be screwing with your love life.