How Much Is Too Much To Pay For Eyebrow Waxing?

Ever since I started rockin’ bangs a few months ago, an eyebrow emergency has been steadily escalating on my forehead. If no one can see what my brows look like, what’s the point of waxing them? I can save money and time and stop humiliating myself by being such a sissy about the pain! But I’ve recently decided to grow my bangs out again — too much hassle, I can’t deal — and it was time to make a waxing appointment. I wanted it done well, seeing as its been awhile since I’ve waxed, so I made an appointment at Anastasia Brow Bar at Sephora … and found myself forking over $32 plus tip.

Now, I love the Anastasia Brow Bar. I’m not knocking them: I’ve gotten my brows waxed by them before, they always do a good job, and I even have several of their products (eyebrow pencil, highlighter, etc.). But you can’t deny that $32 is a lot of money for an eyebrow wax. (I actually paid with a Sephora gift certificate from Christmas, but whatever. It’s still a lot of dough.)

Anastasia Brow Bars aren’t the only pricy brow waxes. Benefit Brow Bars — which are in certain Benefit makeup stores — cost around $20. I’ve paid around $20 at a Bliss Spa in New Jersey and out in the Connecticut suburbs, I used to pay a similar price at a local salon. 

So I’m sure you’re wondering why I don’t just go to nail salons, where a brow waxing can cost around $7 to $10. I have been known to duck into a nail salon in a pinch, but the God’s honest truth is that far too many of the pricier waxers have told me that my brows looked kind of wack: the wrong shape, the wrong thickness, even a bald spot.  I was actually once even chastised by a professional brow artist for getting my brows done at nail salons! She huffed, “They should stick to doing nails.”

And I can understand why she felt that way, beyond purely financial self-interest. When you pay $32 or even $20 for an eyebrow wax, you are essentially buying someone’s time. Nail salons — at least during the busy after-work and weekend hours, when I frequent them —  are trying to get as many customers satisfied as possible as quickly as possible. However, places like Benefit or Anastasia book appointments in 20-minute increments. In my opinion, they use all of it to linger over my brows and make them look perfect. And the results are better. But it comes at a price.

So how much do you think is too much to pay for eyebrow waxing, Frisky readers? Let us know in the comments!

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