Dude Looks We Love: Slouchy Hobbit Pants

The other day, my boyfriend went underwear shopping and I insisted on coming along because I would never pass up an opportunity to hear grown men discuss the best ways to flatter and support their Charlie Browns. After he picked out some new undies, we headed to the cash register, but on the way I caught a glimpse of a mannequin wearing a pair of cropped black lounge pants. “Aren’t those cute?” said the sales guy. “They’re like slouchy hobbit pants.” After hearing that description, I pretty much forced my boyfriend to buy a pair. They might not look like much, but trust me: when they’re on a guy, slung low on the hips, showing off his calves, it’s a seriously sexy lounge look. Much better than baggy basketball shorts. [I hereby request a photo of The Cheesemonger Boyfriend in these. — Editor] [$36, Topman]