Today’s Lady News: Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg Suggests You Marry A Woman

  • Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg advises young women that if you want a career and a marriage with someone who will share equally in parenting and household chores, you should marry a woman. I only think she was partly kidding. [The Mary Sue]
  • A bill which could close Mississippi’s only abortion clinic has passed the state Senate and is headed to Governor Phil Bryant’s desk.  The bill would require all doctors working at abortion clinics to have admitting privileges at the local hospital; of the three doctors who work at the clinic, only one has admitting privileges because the other two docs live out of state due to threats against their safety in Mississippi. [Sun Herald]
  • Joan Walsh of addresses the idea that men need women, marriage and family to “civilize” them. Dude readers of The Frisky, I would be curious to hear your thoughts. []
  • Does the blog Jezebel have a problem in the way it covers mental illness? [Queer Feminism]
  • Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker has repealed a law that makes it easier for victims of pay discrimination to press charges. [Huffington Post]
  • Geeky feminists want to know: when does striving for diversity in male-dominated fields become tokenism? [Geek Feminist]
  • Musician Sarah McLachlan, who founded the festival Lilith Fair, says there is a “complacency” among young feminists today. Hmm, she must not be reading the right blogs. [CBC.CA]
  • Saudi Arabia’s Princess Basma, who lives in London, explains the five things that she would change about her country, including a rewrite of the Constitution, getting rid of the need for a male chaperone, and equitable divorce laws. [BBC]
  • Why are wealthy, educated Pakistani women embracing conservative observance of Islam? [Guardian UK]
  • Meet all the grassroots groups exploding around the UK. [Guardian UK]
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